Equics Pvt. Ltd., established in 2007, is a privately owned trading company specializing in the distribution of high-quality and internationally renowned brands in the sectors of food and beverages, home improvement, personal care, hygiene, and cosmetics. With a decade of dedicated efforts, Equics Pvt. Ltd. has been steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional brands at affordable prices, accompanied by personalized service and unwavering reliability. Our nationwide presence has been realized through the establishment of a comprehensive network, encompassing wholesale and retail outlets, state-ofthe-art cold storage facilities, efficient dry warehouses, and a fleet of distribution vehicles. Under the visionary leadership of our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Ibrahim Zaki, and with the support of our Company Secretary, Humaidha Hameed, Equics Pvt. Ltd. began its journey as a modest general trading venture, focusing on importation, wholesale, and retail operations. Our initial focus was centered on trading, particularly in imported commodities such as food and beverage products, as well as personal hygiene-related items. As a professionally managed organization, Equics Pvt. Ltd. boasts extensive expertise in merchandising, inventory management, and supply chain operations. This proficiency allows us to offer a diverse range of genuine products at highly competitive prices, ensuring optimal value for both our customers and their investments



Ibrahim Zaki

Chairman / CEO‚Äč

Ibrahim Zaki is a pioneering entrepreneur who has made Equics Pvt. Ltd. into one of the leading businesses in the Maldives. He has managed and organized several businesses in the past. He has worked in several organizations as an accountant, in international relations, and as well as in management positions.
Mr. Zaki started his career early. Immediately after finishing his studies, he joined the audit office as a clerk and later as an assistant accountant. He also worked as a board director and chairman of a government company, and he has worked in managerial positions in the resort sector as well.
Other contributions of Mr. Zaki's services include opening a private cinema in his home city of Addu. Later he established a private business (Hazash Enterprises), where he worked as a director of the company. Over 35 years of experience in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) under his belt, later by 2007 established a private company called Equics Pvt Ltd. His enthusiasm and hard work paint the picture of Equics Pvt. Ltd. today; over a decade, well-received and trusted by all. Mr. Zaki's business acumen leads to the popularity and continued growth of Equics.

His hard work, dedication, and focus have resulted in him being recognized as a huge force in the business sector in the Maldives. Equics started as a family business, through the hard work of him and his family the company has grown into one of the leading wholesale and retail companies in the Maldives with over 750 proud wholesale and retail customer bases. With the leadership of Mr. Zaki, Equics stand with integrity and dedication in meeting the needs of its valued customers Add Your Heading Text Here

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